This signal is then amplitude modulated with the audio signal which you wish to hear. Windings If you have an old flyback with removable windings, don’t be in such a hurry to remove them and wind you own. Hello Is there a way to hook up my coils to get more voltage that won,t damage the coils? Aug 30, 6. I managed to have your circuit working with a computer transformer 16V, 3. If you don’t have an old flyback and your windings are potted inside the flyback don’t worry, cause that’s where you want them too. The transistor is activated by applying a voltage or current depending on the type of trnasistor to the base or gate pin.

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You should also have a 10k resistor between gate and GND. When this flow of current is halted the magnetic field which was sustained by that current will collapse.

Discussion in ‘ The Projects Forum ‘ started by ealbersMay 7, I would actually prefer a flyback with the windings potted inside so they don’t get damaged. The combination is expected to enable new classes of products that 23n055 customer needs in the data center and Internet of Things IoT market segments.

When the coils are wired in opposition they both output pulses of opposite polarity. May 7, 7. All the other components are listed at the top of the page.


I guess I should have asked my previous question this way, How would this circuit differ using a hall effect sensor like the melexis us ua configuration and a ibgt transistor. Most such designs use a bridge rectifier 22n3055 a smoothing capacitor. Arcs to the coils input terminals is ok if your snubber arrangement is working.

Help with 2N Transistor | All About Circuits

The diodes in this may also be damaged by too much current. May 7, 6. I am using a LM quad comparator.

Help with solenoid control Posted by Mustang in forum: 2b3055 built a circuit similar to these and have decided to take it a step further.

Okay the circuit is sinple enoguh but for the signal could I just use a switch and a small amount of power to trigger the spark then after that build the circuit?

A Transistor Driven Flyback Transformer Page

At voltages higher than 12 VDC input, the components coll dissipate a lot of heat and the 2n transistor is most likely to burn as it is not rated for more than 15 A and it has to be derated even further for case cooil above 25 o C. In my experience, the output voltage is strictly dependent on the individual transistor, not even the specifications for the transistor. Coils are wound in thesame direction. Most common POTs are not designed for any power and would be damaged quite easily if used like this.

PS love your site.


I use 12V SLA batteries for a power source. The results you get will depend on how quickly your magnetic filed near ciol sensor is flipping. I built this driver using an MJE and a 0. All the transistors are fine. Do you have any ideas of why not?

DIY Homemade Ignition Coil Driver – RMCybernetics

There are no descriptions of the internals of the device he used. I am now trying to measure the current in the secondary circuit using a. Use an RC snubber at least, also a power resistor of a few ohms in series with the coil. It is also avalanche rated so an over voltage breakdown will not destroy it as long as the current is kept below 10A. However, if proper precautions are observed, you can wind up with much more clil transferred to the load, and much less being wasted in the drivers.

If nothing now, reverse the polarity on the first one you switched again.

You have a couple of things wrong. I built a very similar circuit myself.

The primary coil is not properly connected to the circuit. Just keep doing all of this till you can get the best perfomance of the device.

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