I’ll see if they can give me a different modem and see if that helps. Our cable is with charter;both internet and tv. No dial tone needed. Gill December 9, , They shouldn’t be having UCD and channel problems. Off — modem is not receiving power On — modem power is activated and receiving power. All the usual lights.

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Ya you should just discontinue your service and sell or give your computer away.

Ambit Modem U10C | eBay

I purchased mine, and just called in to swap MAC ids. Receive If this light turns off during normal operation it would indicate the loss of the receive channel.

How do I get modem logs? Bummer on the logging though. Well Mode, meant like features, design, lights, data logs, etc. Moses May 23,8: I was able to access the modem settings, but there is no factory reset.


Gill December 9, Steve December 23, Does it take long moddm the upload crash to happen? JB July 26, JB is it recieveing light coming on what lights are on exactly?

Stacy June 28,3: We think if the guest signal was eliminated we would have a stronger signal.

I could alway limit the bw to one third the speed to avoid the ambit issues but this is unacceptable since I’m paying for 10M, not 3M or less. Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service Are we seeing the midem of the road for the Windows NT kernel?

Our cable is with charter;both internet and tv.

Also we have wireless home theater and it keeps dropping programs in the middle of shows and sometimes wont pick up internet again. No, you cannot typically — not always modify the firmware.

AMBIT CABLE MODEM Default Router Login and Password

Also it says security s disabled. Aaron M Member Nov-8 2: JB August 8, Acble and I reported this problem in the past like in: Sorry, I meant cooler as “radder”.


Ok Our Privacy Policy. It also appears they do not offer any support as when you look at their support page for this modem you can download a data sheet which is nothin gmore than a pdf document that list the items specs. Thanks and best regards, George E.

I guess I question is: The U10 unit gets very hot. I wonder if my local office will have it too. Weird that you can’t go to the local office cble get another modem.

Ok Our Privacy Policy. For those who have Ambit cable modems

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