Unfortunately the mouse is not capable of three-button mode as are some glidepads where a tap on the glidepad is the left mouse button while the two buttons in front are the middle and the right mouse buttons. The guided tour The L, closed, is by by 35mm And forget installing a better video adapter. If you computer comes with an inferior OS already installed, you might not have to do this. The battery is an 8-cell Lithium Ion Li-Ion battery. Asus’ page for the L

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Mainboard Data Bus Speed. I was l84400 for dinner, and when I got back it was really really hot, screen black, nothing worked. Modem The modem is unsupported under Linux. If you’re into 3D games and like the idea of getting a super-portable laptop game machine, you’ll be acutely aware that most laptop video adapters are miserably slow for anything but 2D graphics.

Asus L8400 laptop computer

My asud, same hardware as described, has the S2 button working: Which doubles as the modem socket – you can plug both RJ phone line and RJ network connectors into it, but not both at once. If you want to use the Suspend to Disk feature see Power Management you have to set up a hibernation partition before installing Linux.

Their battery life is lousy. L88400 laptop kindly provided by Achieva Technology. The SpeedStep feature by itself doesn’t have a huge impact on battery life.


The Phoenix BIOS has the ability to suspend the system, save the state of the entire laptop to disk before shutting down the computer. Since this is a review machine, though, it may or may not be representative of the average panel quality.

Please see the section on Power Management. That’s all the graphics adapter can display; the CPU’s fast zsus to push the polygons more rapidly, but you just can’t get any more frames per second onto the screen in that resolution.

The modem is unusable. Nvidia is looking to shake up the gaming laptop scene with powerful new GPUs, while other PCs pitch added privacy. The laptop’s 3D benchmarks weren’t exciting, but neither were they rubbish. Installation of Azus went without a hitch though you have to be careful if you want to use the Suspend to Disk feature. For a given specification level, making a computer portable l88400 than doubles its price.

The keyboard cable is still attached. This aeus will receive the events and run a shell script in reaction to the events. The L’s speakers are little baby things of no particular merit, as you expect from a laptop. Please do not disassemble the module.

This is a significant point in the laptop’s favour for game players – put on headphones and you’ll be able to point to every sound source, provided your game supports positional audio – but it’s irrelevant for most other users. It will clear the partition table and create a hibernation partition as partition 4 at the start of the disk.


ASUS L8400B – 14.1″ – PIII – 128 MB RAM – 20 GB HDD Series

If you’re shopping for a full-featured laptop, check this one out. If you’re playing games or pounding away at Photoshop, it can be a serious under-estimate. The ass your typical short-throw laptop jobbie, with full-sized keys but less than great keyfeel. The L doesn’t seem to be too bothered about running the CPU full blast with its lid closed – obstructing the intake for the fan. Nvidia’s got a new mobile chipset, the GeForce2 Goand ATI’s promised a mobile version of their Radeon as well; either of these chipsets should give future laptops solid by 3D performance.

Graphics Controller Form Factor. I have personally installed Debian potato 2.

Review: Asus L laptop computer

I usually run my laptop on AC power most of the time, so I asks the battery sparingly. You don’t get a carry-bag with the L, just a padded Velcro-flap slipcase. I have no independent measurements of battery life. Mine had an Aureal Vortex. Also watch out for cron jobs run with very short intervals.

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