I will edit my review, thanks for reminding me! OR do I need the dual Cable to install it? Did you have a signal where you were located? So chances are if you do not have these networks available, you would not get Cricket to work either. I would recommend this modem to anyone who is looking for a web connection that is extremely portable and inexpensive. You may be able to stream a highly compressed music stream. But not all that enjoyable.

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So, even with a few hiccups, the A is ready crickst use on a number of operating systems. If you currently have the A you can go to a full service store and have the tech support replace the current software with the one compatible with Windows 7.

I do use cricket in south jersey, I think their network may be one of the best implemented network around and their covarege is good. See Jas comment I can understand that for a set period but not for the life of your service. I would assume that this fee applies whether you are starting a new line of service, or if you allow your pre-payment plan to expire; necessitating a ecdo.

Very lilttle delay at all. Thanks for this review. Did you contact Cricket support, and if so, how evdp their response? Additionally the busy time congestion 5pm — 9pm edt seems to be almost a negligible issue as of today July 10, The interesting thing is that i can play my MMO even while capped perfectly fine.


Also, I discovered you do not need to use the applet they provide to log into the Cricket wireless network. I live in Pittsburgh PA where recently the download speed jumped without notice from about 1. Thanks, I live in Pittsburgh as well.

OR do I need efdo dual Cable to install it?

Another thing I seemed to encounter with a poor signal was loss of connection. September 4, – 9: MY Cricket Boadband screen changed and i noticed that i was able to go online. This makes their offerings seem cheaper, even though you pay it in the long run.

Cricket Broadband Review (A Modem) | systemBash

Also my cnnection was fast at first now slow to really slow lol. Here are the instructions on how to make the A work with Windows 7! What do you think? Now they want me to fax their Payment Refund Department and state the problem from the beginning.

We currently are proud to say we Can link both of our Modems the a and um to either an Xbox or PS3. If you are expecting a wired connection speed then look elsewhere, but as long as your demands are reasonable, you should be happy with Cricket Wireless Broadband.

Att would be the outgoing connection….

[ubuntu] Cricket EVDO slow connections

Your connection locally is issued a private network in the I play a certain MMO that uses a decent amount of bandwidth. They have their own towers and their own network. I hope this helps anyone who might be having the same problem. Cricket Wireless is relatively adwpter in my area Philadelphiahaving only started providing service in March of I am currently tryinga 3G service and so far it is much better.



Cricket EVDO Network Adapter Drivers

July 16, at 5: I know for a fact however that we did addapter major system delays in early March due to horrible weather conditions, but also am aware that we did reverse reconnection fees to those customers who brought it to our attention before attempting a 2nd payment on the automated system. I mean first off 4g is just a way to target people not well informed of the present technology.

I want to get the icon cricket dial applet for my broadband connection. I can even run 2 instances of the game on 2 pcs and still play well. I only wish i had the speeds you say you have i am lucky if it is going at 20kps.

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