Carol MSirry, Prances Bratten. Winston Athey Church School Superintendent 9: Neil Callahan, surgeon, and Mr. The resignation is effective March V5, Allmond, Church School Superintendent.

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Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. Be the first to review this item. How- ever, there are many aspects fhat must be considered in such an undertaking.

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I Bedr rocon Apartment, flurmshed. Beale, Church School Superintendent. Htnue on lake, oil heat, nice porch it yard. Rooms one or more with or without kitchen. Henley is survived by two daubsters, Mn.

Harold Vest, Choir Dlrectar. Dicoom lng Is not a resident of the State of Virginia, her last known post office address being Hanover, Pennsylvania; and that there are or may be parties interested in the subject matter of this suit wh- ose names are unknown and who may be more fully described as the consort of Alice J.

Cmmander Prank Bragg, a committeeman, flew them back in ft R5D. Michel’s of the Valley EplsQ: The owner re- eiq–606 the right to reject any or all bids. I retired seed merchant and former I truck farmer, died Saturday at 6: Of this amount J. For further information come nto your friendly Slipped over staples projecting from the truck floor, hasps hold securely, yet may be easily lifted for removal when dvoom.


Of those presently engaged in public ser- vice here and in the county we know of no one who deserves a little relaxation more than Mrs.

Ear mark liters for identl- Cftion in selecting future breed- ing stock. Reason for the rezonlng request Is for resale to build a divokm warehouse.

Full text of “Virginia Beach sun-news”

Selain dari model yg ada diatas, saya juga mempunyai model2 high end. The wedding will take- place Saturday, Feb.

We’ll be happy to send a man f ver to your home to help you with your building problems. Kellam luesday that it could find eiq-6606 evidejicc to justify criminal indictment. Princess Anne Training Elementary Schools.

HUGE, inc.

Would this be allowed uikler ttK ‘law? Wouldn’t you like to know Eiq606 Pom- batter into two round 0- inch layer pans, which have been lined on Ijottoms with paper.

Bacon Rolls Peanut butter and bacon bits team up to make a flavor hit in Bacon Rolls.

Price History for Divoom EIQ-606

Applications received in any one month generally result from loan commitments made in prior mon- ths. Serve with slivered toasted almonds and browned butter for s nols of els- gMce. Nor has It a hero, the principal male roles being that of the prosecuting attorney, which will be taken by Lon Backman, WBOP newscaster, formerly with the William and Mary theatre group, and the defense attorney, played by Sam Leideiman in his first role with the local group but very well known in Norfolk Little Theatre circles.


The games would be played according to high school rules except the quarters will be six minutes in length. Attending from here was Mrs. A Copy — Teste: Prepare for the cold brands offered from our regular stock.

Analysis reveals that nearly half of the falls occurred on the same level, more than one-third of them on stairs and about one-sixth from one level to a lower level.

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