It safely downloads and verifies your driver and then. ECS chose an easy way by using software from third manufacturers. The box contains the following: Its audio features are pretty poor. No problems with Cyrillic symbols. I advise that you tick it off and check the whole list to exclude noise and pickups.

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The sensitivity is good, all stations of our frequency range were found. That is why the tuner gets A for sensitivity since it’s the first tuner including tuners of TV sets and VCRs that confidently receives one of our channels. Other programs that I know don’t support this function, that is why I couldn’t test it.

Taking into account traditionally low prices for products from this company, this tuner can soon get the title of the Best Buy. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.

It seems that the designers’ talent was used up by the moment they started working on the remote control because the way the sections on the RC are painted reminds me something from the world of Barbie, Pokemons, and The Sims. Here you can find v2.

– Free Drivers and Support

I can’t say that this is a very reliable program still, it’s not ASUSbut it supports mp3 encoding, any number of stations, has a good scheduler and Timeshifting! Still Capture has one strong point – when you close the stills gallery the stills remain there and the next one is added to them. The box contents The way the box is designed noticeably differs from ECS’s style.


And I was quite skeptical when started testing this device especially because not every ECS mainboard makes a positive impression. There is nothing typical of ECS’s ordinary boxes – they either want to underline a different market sector or to avoid undesirable connections between its products.

ECS EZ-TV (TVP3XP) TV&FM Tuner Review

But I was wrong. The tuner uses Philips circuitry of the latest generation, and it’s very interesting to look at how it works. Its audio features are pretty poor.

The tuner has excellent screening.

The man who was in the bed will appear in the boat again, have your. I hope the production model will have an audio connector soldered out as it will let us get rid of one cable on the PC case backside. ECS chose an easy way by using software from third eez-tv.

This is the version 2. Although many card makers paint red their video cards, this is a rare color for tuners.

TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

I’m not against such screen, but it looks too obtrusive. Let’s see how it works. When I finished all these operations the screen turned black and soundless in the playback mode. Direct download driver tuner free download. To edit them wait a little before clicking the left mouse button again. The unpresentable appearance of the CD-R confused me. Earlier I mentioned the Voice Help function. It explains functions of a button pressed. In all other respects, this is a nice program with a funny interface looking like the Lego system: Video 3Digests Video cards: Press Setup to bring the channels table to the display.


ECS EZ-TV (TVP3XP) TV&FM Tuner Review

You have to be sure the computer has the correct software to recognise the that is certified with Microsoft, you can download the drivers from Microsoft. But the connectors are not soldered out. It safely downloads and verifies your driver and then. Here you can download ez view tv tuner card drivers windows 7 s for Windows. But the site offers v3.

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