Once Disk Utility is open click the partition that you want to change then click “File” and and “Change Password”. Type in the Terminal. Linc Davis Linc Davis. Hopefully by the time I feel the need to upgrade, Thunderbolt-based external drives will be cheap and easy to obtain. I am trying to use a mac mini running The encrypted drives are not compatible with other Operating Systems like Windows or Linux.

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September 17, at 1: Imagine losing an external hard drive or flash drive. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Click “Restart” to exetrnal the Mac and begin the encryption process Your Mac will restart Almost instantly after restarting you will be presented with a window that looks like the login screen. Normally you will not be provided with any indication of the encryption process.

Mac OS Forensics: Attacking FileVault 2 | ElcomSoft blog

The best iOS games of [Year in Review]. To verify if a ksb has encryption enabled, you can right-click, two-finger click, or control-click on the volume and select “Get Info”. User profile for extrenal This is what you see when you mount the drive in the future.

If you decide to do this, you will have to enter three exterbal questions. August 6, at 4: Although this article is about encrypting external drives, I know somebody might be wondering about my choice of drives. This may be fixed in a future update. With recent update, Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery gained the ability to attack plain-text passwords in addition to user account passwords protecting disk volumes encrypted with FileVault 2.


This will obviously erase everything on the drive, so make a backup.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Target Disk Mode allows you to perform the same process, while skipping the disassembly of the Mac and the installation of the drive in an external enclosure.

View answer in context. CoreStorage, the “behind the scenes” volume manager for FileVault, was updated for Mac OS X Mountain Lion and can encrypt and decrypt external hard drives nondestructively. A sheet will drop down asking if you really want to restart your Mac in Target Disk Mode.

This is an alternate method of forcing your Mac to start in Target Disk Mode. Sep 19, 5: Posted on Sep 18, 4: The time it takes to enable encryption will depend on the speed and size of the drive. The encrypted drives are not compatible with other Operating Systems like Windows or Linux.

Encrypt and protect a disk with a password using Disk Utility on Mac

The usual course of action to salvage the internal drive is to install the drive in an external enclosuretake it to suppofts Mac, and try any data recovery or repair utilities you may have. It could get confusing.


Click the Restart button. No, the backups will not be encrypted automatically, but it’s very easy to enable for directly attached disks. Found out the hard way in an MDD with multiple drive bays, and only later located a relevant apple doc:. Figure out the address of your main ethernet card. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Encrypt External Drives with Mac OS X Lion’s FileVault 2 | Mac Genealogy Software

They are all protected by FileVault. More information on FileVault 2: Skip to secondary content. This can be used to unlock the disk if you forget your password. When setting up a FileVault 2 volume, you may be prompted to enable other user accounts to unlock the encrypted volume:.

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