I admit that I held out on the hybrid craze longer than made sense. Write your review You must enter a review of between and characters. I think that Ping has a winner here. Also, the lie and loft options with the pings were better. Not too keen on the really wide sole of the G Erik, I understand what you are saying about approach shots to a tight pin location.

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I myself got the i15s for Christmas putting up a set of Callaway Big Berthas, I went through about all of the new 09 releases and was heart set on the i15s, the amount of control and forgiveness you get is simply amazing. While the i10s were impressive, these raise the bar.

Ping I15 Irons Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Then I tried the Ping i10s, but was disappointed with the distance that I lost. Out of all of the club types I trialled the Ping i15’s provided the greatest consistancy for hitting my revieew area and offered my pretty good forgiveness for the strike that may have been just off perfect!

So there goes my order for a Blue dot i15 6-PW.

While the i15s may not be in the same class as the G15 irons in terms of pure forgiveness, they are several steps ahead of the irons I mentioned earlier. Maybe this will start another thread? I ended up getting the iron in yellow dot, and the 8-PW a shade flatter in reiew blue dot. Only trouble is, I have little confidence I will have a job in six months, so this is going to have to wait, until that situation improves.


Only thing is I am a 20 handicap, but am really looking to crank up my game. In such situations, I try to hit the safer area on green with a normal straight shot because the straight shots give me the best control on distance.

I have had 3 sets of Ping Irons in my golfing life. I did not notice a huge difference. I always knew where on the face I had hit the ball and I find that level of feedback to be critical to my game, especially while practicing.

So I just ordered 4-PW with kbs shafts. I carried a two-iron in place of a 5-wood or hybrid and would use it from the tee, the fairway, and the rough when the lie was good enough to goad me into going for it.

As Erik pointed out above, even if you catch the ball towards the toe or the heel of the i15s you still get a reasonable result. This could be due to the lower trajectory from these irons and the 1 degree stronger lofts in the shorter reviwe.

Before I buy, are cluv any other comparables out there that I should give a try? I hit it in the center this time and look up. What do you guys think?

Anyone doing more is overthinking it.

This shift to make the long irons more forgiving, easier to hit, and higher launching make the decision to replace those clubs with an alternative a little difficult. When we tried the Ping i15 irons out we immediately noticed that the thicker top line and larger head on the longer irons gave you more confidence at address than the i10s. Thanks for the review.


PING i15 Irons Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

Overall I would say if you are a mid to low handicapper, and are in the market for new clubs, these must deview on your list of clubs to demo. I was talking to his swing coach and he introduced me to the fellow, Chien Soon Lu, Champions Tour player T3 Toshiba Classic a couple of weeks ago and he was pounding his driver Ft3 down the range. The Yellow went straight to slight fade with just a slight inconsistent clubface hit mark.

I made several practice swings and decided Im just going to swing slow since coming over the top seemed inevitable.

Well, I tried these out at the range last night. Now I am looking forward to getting my game back on track!

Today’s Golfer

I just like the looks of the i15 over the G Since a slight draw can be easily turned to fade by just opening the clubface a little more but a fade would be harder to draw.

I care more about hitting — and feeling — good golf shots than my score at the end of the day. That, however, is a personal preference, some people actually prefer the feel of a cast club. If so, how did they compare to the i15?

Some players of the i5 were put off by that, some seemed to embrace it.

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