Combines proven shaft-weighting technology with proportionate head-weighting in perfect balance. With the automatic flaw detection design, an individual can start to notice the areas that need some work and what they can enhance as far as their swing and tempo. Expand to see more Hittable Driver Unlike a couple of other clubs from this brand that is intended for practice only, this product is a hittable driver that helps individuals get instant feedback. Delivery Options see all. Club Type see all. Medicus is known as a brand that focuses on some of the best tough training material in the industry.

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But if you can swing the club without breaking it, you’ll know you’re swinging correctly.

Therefore, it is important to read the fine print and ensure that the item you are buying comes with a warranty or a money back guarantee in the case you discover this is the right product for you.

This is the perfect utility putter for a golf bag with minimal space.

Medicus Golf Club

The guide sticks are intended to offer feedback to the individual and help when setting up for alignment and swing position. Different Hand Styles This product is very high quality and the brand has created different designs and styles for an individual to consider. Worlds only full utility club. Club head and shaft are in excellent shap Medicus Golf Club Refine Results. Well, this product is only a fraction of that amount of money.


Therefore, an individual can minimize how many clubs he or she carries onto the course.

Medicus Men’s Golf Clubs for sale | eBay

Full Length This product has a full-length design, which is highly beneficial. With that said, we tout this product for being high quality and for the brand creating such an innovative piece of technology for new golfers.

Advanced weight for a real-club feel. Improve slices and hooks. Eliminate Slices and Hooks. The patent-pending design is part of the CT Groove Technology which allows the product to be used outside the green where a wedge or club would normally be taken out. Actually, it does not cost that much.

Just realize that you should use them a lot in order to good results and offset the price. Change the tension of each hinge. Even if you are an expert golfer, tools such as this are excellent in helping you learn and adjust your swing.

Many of the products we have shared do not come with a headcover because they are designed as training tools. This is the Medicus Dual Hinge Hybrid Club and it has a unique design that individuals will discover is incredibly useful, here is gold first benefit of this product.

In fact, they have a reputation of creating some of the first club tools in the industry designed for self-taught individuals that want to perfect their swing. Modified Item see all. Individuals can expect clubs that are designed for training and clubs that are designed to be real-life and weighted for even more enhanced training. Guide Sticks This product also comes with guide sticks.


Bonus Dual handle Putter Trainer.

For years, pros and amateurs alike have turned to Medicus golf swing trainers to identify their flaws and improve their scores. Now, as far as design, this brand actually has different factors to consider.

To us, the most important part was the quality and the reviews. It is pre-owned but works great.

Medicus Golf Club for sale | eBay

About Medicus Golf Club Shop the large inventory of golf equipment, including golc clubs! With this, the design is a patent pending design that is intended to be used in high fringe and rough areas outside the green. Medicus golf clubs come in 5 iron, 7 iron, and driver variations. These non-hinged weighted trainers develop the golf muscles for strength and accuracy. Related Equipment Review Pages:

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