Wang , Jincan Chen. Dominique Delande , Jakub Zakrzewski. Anisotropic itinerant magnetism and spin fluctuations in BaFe2As2: This work was reported on International conference “Mathematical physics and its applications” in Samara, Russia, september Electric polarization in a Chern insulator. A 79,

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Strongly Correlated Electrons cond-mat. Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics cond-mat.

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Your machine was ux to last. B 74, Condensed Matter Authors and titles for Octskipping first [ total of entries: Anisotropic itinerant magnetism and spin fluctuations in BaFe2As2: The case of polaritons.

Accepted for publication 700 J. Compressing nearly hard sphere fluids increases glass fragility. A quantum interface between light and nuclear spins in yc dots. Temperature dependence of the superheating field for superconductors in the high-k London limit. RatnaReeshemah Allen. B 80, Contact resistance and shot noise in graphene transistors. Quantum theory of spontaneous emission in multilayer dielectric structures. Applied Physics Letters in press Accepted for publication in Phys.


A neutron scattering study. Spin polarized two-dimensional electron gas embedded in semimagnetic quantum well: Striped phases as a stage of “melting” of 2D crystals.

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World Journal of Condensed Matter Physics 3, Quantum site percolation on triangular lattice and the integer quantum Hall effect. Matter 20, Physical Review Letters, Quantum blockade and loop current induced by a single lattice defect in graphene nanoribbons.

Now make it work with generations of windows cad, office, drawing and charting programs.

CatelaniJames P. Eugene StanleyGiancarlo Franzese. Inherent correlations between thermodynamics and statistic physics in extensive and nonextensive systems. Geometry induced morituz separation on a helicoidal ribbon.

Celestino CreatoreLucio Claudio Andreani. Di StefanoS. Langmuir 25, Perturbative criteria for Anderson localization in long-ranged 1D tight-binding models. Rapidly Rotating Atomic Gases.

Energy resolution and discretization artefacts in the numerical renormalization group. Emergence of entanglement from a noisy environment:

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