It is a full-height old-style PCI bus, and it was getting harder to find replacement systems that had that bus–most have PCIe now, and the card was too tall to fit a ‘mini’ case. Direction is determined by looking at the magnetic field ratios for each stroke and using basic trigonometry, i. Which values, what kind of signals are sent in the ethernet cable? To determine polarity positive or negative the software looks at the electric field at various points in the waveform. Boltek stormtracker PCI is being discontinued. This storm eventually moved into the Omaha area, producing much lightning activity.

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Out to about miles, our Boltek is surprisingly accurate. Maybe one pair used for the power feed to the antenna, but the power could also use the signal pairs.

Boltek StormTracker PCI – How it works

See if I can find someone here in Norway to swap the antenna or card, for testing May 28, Please login or register. The accuracy of a Boltek detector is determined by many factors – placement of the detector, electromagnetic interference, distance from strokes, storm intensity, etc. You can view the results of the real-time analysis in the TRAC report.

Real time output from the US-based StrikeStar the World’s only large scale, community based lightning detection network is available on the Weather Underground website.


The key factor in reducing interference is to mount the antenna well away from potential noise sources. The antenna is very sensitive to electro-magnetic interference.

I contacted Boltek and this is the response: So I just run lightning on the old computer while the new one runs all the other weather stuff. Beyond that, it can sense direction and intensity but usually gets distance incorrect.

Boltek Stormtracker Lightning Detector

In this location, it can sense storms up to miles away. You can use a piezo electric sparker similar to this https: The antenna is connected to a PC via a Cat5 data cable. It is located in the very northwest corner of the house to minimize interference with electronics. For each electro-magnetic pulse that occurs i. The StrikeStar data will be shown in the museum’s exhibit on weather and nowcasting. It consists of a crossed loop magnetic field sensor and electric field sensor.

Ιδιωτικός Μετεωρολογικός Σταθμός Καβάλας – Περιοχή Δεξαμενής – Kavala’s Online Weather Station

NexStorm combines display, analysis, networking and interprocess communication functionality in a way that makes this software package the most versatile lightning display and analysis application available on the market. While a thunderstorm is being tracked it is also being continuously analyzed. Please post the URL. While the StormTracker can only detect 1 stroke at a time, it can detect up to 3, to 3, strokes per second.


Thunderstorm Ranging and Acquisition, or TRAC for short, is a sub-process in NexStorm that contains all the logic behind computing where thunderstorms are located and analyzing their ;ci.

These are the same signals you can hear as static on an AM radio during a thunderstorm. This is due in part because we have no stations to our West and because most strokes must be confirmed by another station before being displayed on the network. Bltek have phased the Stormtracker PCI card out.

JupiterJoe Senior Member Posts: Did you miss your activation email? I actually changed my wx server and modified it to take the PCI card for the Boltek. StormTracker works by detecting the radio signals produced by lightning.

These detectors all send their data to a central server where the StrikeStar software developed by Astrogenic Systems triangulates the data and presents the results in near real-time. This however is not very reliable because the signal strength of various strokes stprm at the same exact distance will vary a lot depending on released energy.

Now it Works again, after six months.

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