Before copying the files from the installation disk onto your system, the Installer displays the readme. Data Source Specifies the data source name. Originally Posted by Yawmark. Valid values are 0 to The drivers use a smaller value if the value specified would require a buffer larger than the Fetch Buffer Size. Likewise, numeric fields having a value of 0 also default to the System level setting.

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PEM’-format certificates, and are suitable for importing onto the keyring on the mainframe.

CA IDMS Server. User Guide. r17 – PDF

These files are identified by the extension. Certificates are stored in a database called a keystore by the Java implementation of SSL.

In addition, this feature is useful when security requirements do not allow direct access to the catalog tables. CA Single Sign-On r Each window displays a table of hexadecimal values.

Use of this field is optional. These properties are the equivalent of the DriverPropertyInfo attributes described in the previous section and can be used to completely define the parameters needed to connect to a database. Choose one of the following options: It’s considered good form to post your question in one place and direct others idma that single place.


Connecting to IDMS database via JDBC

Filip Hanik – Dev Lists wrote: If your server requires client authentication and your client does not have a certificate signed by a recognized CA, you must install the client certificate as a trusted certificate in the server’s keystore or keyring. Email required Address never made public. The test program connects to the data source using the ODBC driver.

Sign on with a user ID that has administrative authority. Note that the details are slightly different from the ones of the first approach. Brings up a standard Browse window where you can select a conversion table file. IdmsDataSource properties are used to specify the connection parameters. Was How to configure Mysql with Tomcat.

CA IDMS Server. User Guide. r17

This rarely causes problems, but a value of 60 seconds is reasonable to ensure that no reply can cause the application thread to hang. Both 32 and 64 bit editions of Windows are supported. UTIL Enables tracing of internal utility calls. Custom Intended for compatibility with previous releases.

Free Web Developer Tools.

Certificate Administration You can administer certificates on the client and server by using the tools described in this section. When connection pooling is in use this can cause unusable connections to remain in the pool.


Connecting to IDMS database via JDBC

An example of the openssl command to perform this conversion follows: The default setting of 60 seconds is generally acceptable. The idmw to print or otherwise cq available copies of the Documentation is limited to the period during which the applicable license for such software remains in full force and effect. This auditing information includes be site-defined accounting information supplied when the application connects to the database and the user identity as is it known to the application, which may be different from the user id used to sign on to CA IDMS.

All numeric fields having a value of 0 default to the System level jdnc. The application can use the DataSource. Journal reports can be used to audit this information. The default, disabling the Ensure option, is recommended unless a specific application requires otherwise.

Options specified at the Server level override options specified at the System level.

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