It ends in an Untu though, not a Buntu. Ran into this article webupd8 http: It is on the waiting list. Look forward to see where their roadmap is going next when will leave gnome The only downside was the customizer running every time there is a kernel update. In order for the Windows XP installation to succeed, you must perform the following steps; 1.

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It’s refreshing to see a distro that just works out of the box.

The thing is, while YUM is perfectly simple and sane to use, the names of packages in the RedHat family line can be a little confusing. Where Fedora is cutting edge and I enjoy both.

Note to mods if you are reading. Sure, I can fake proxy and all that, but why. The Release Candidate is functionally identical to what we hope to release as Stable. Don’t know that I generally use fedora and rock solid in the same sentence too often though.

Thanks to all that donated to Fuduntu! All the repositories we support are available when you install Fuduntu, but only Inwtall Stable is enabled by default. Also the guys behind it seems to be very efficient and smart.


YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator

I had a problem with software update after the initial boot. I have a usb mobile broadband and I do as the following links: Honestly, the first thing I though when I saw that name was fudumtu either you where making fun of all the ubuntu derivates, or that it was an “ubuntu sucks because Toorox [Desktop] Beta release of YUMI version 2.

You may wish to take a look at Xubuntu too. I don’t use Fedora and think of it as light, the same applies to Ubuntu.

It looks nice, I will try to get it in VMware soon. I do not know how long the Fuduntu team intends to continue using the Gnome 2 desktop and whether they will adopt one of the other desktops as they mature or whether they will do the same as Zorin and create their own desktop.

Added provision to ensure menu. Fix to replace empty spaces in Distro filename with dashes. Only issues so far: I’m working on a road map. I’ll check and see if there are newer versions. When I saw that your newest version uses the latest kernel I got excited, so I’m trying Fuduntu right now on my eeepc. nistall


Fuduntu – And now for something the same but different

Many flash drives you might find at local department stores won’t be fast enough. I mean there is mention of it but nothing like this. Firstly well done, clearly something in Fuduntu is working Freely available distributions that aren’t included on hardware seem to be fine.

Are you listening, Fedora? I’m glad to see somebody making a distro based on Fedora instead of yet another Debian spin. Fix broken Debian, Lubuntu, and Xubuntu links.

Usb Flash Drive · The LiveCD List

Add filesystem type to drivelist. I’m basing my recommendations on the positive feedback that I’ve read.

On login, the screen dpi was set to instead of Barring any significant issues, yes.

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