He’s probably got the Big Clue for you here. But don’t wait up for me. I only wonder why it is still sold in the part shop. I’ll try it sometime. T43p bluetooth driver problem. Pointing directly to the driver using the device manager prompted me that the driver is not suitable. I downloaded the Bluetooth drivers from lenovo website but vista and also XP complains that no suitable driver can be found.

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How to Enable Bluetooth on the Lenovo W510

I hope somebody here can help me. Message 2 of Phil, welcome to the forum. I am able to send to my desktop though.

And I do not do contracts. Hi Andy, was a nice idea but didn’t help. The IBM ThinkPad T43 laptop includes Bluetooth technology that permits you to connect your notebook to all sorts of wireless devices, from headsets and speakers to mice and keypads. Please bkuetooth check that this is the driver you are using. Buying a phone with Bluetooth, only to find that the seller has disabled that ability, comes eerily close to consumer fraud, IMHO.

You may have to configure the local Bluetooth services.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T43 Bluetooth Aerial Antenna 91P6842

Well, I finally checked out my Bluetooth Settings; these may or may not help, but they do provide a datapoint for which we know at least several machines work. After sniffing through another board entries around the net yep, it is as much fun as it sounds like i finally found it Also when installing an USB BT dongle or similar hardware it is often required to install the driver first and then the hardware. Design by the-skyrock-team – Choose this blustooth.


I will poke around on my system and see what I can get for settings if that will help anybody.

You can blueooth the member by clicking on the star to the left awarding them Kudos Please add your type, model number and OS to your signature, it helps to help you. I know some Intel cards feature bluetooth, I’m not sure Thinkpad T60 HDU 1. Just as a thought, another shot in the dark, has it maybe something to do with the driver signature?

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T43 Bluetooth Aerial Antenna 91P | eBay

Tell Windows to take a driver without signature? Does anyone knows if it’s possible to add an internal bluetooth module to a Tp? This works OK for me since I do not do too much talk time. After all, Bluetooth is a Hardware Service provided by the Phone; pay for the phone, you bluetoooth entitled to the full access of Bluetooth on it.

Message 4 of I do know that Symbian gluetooth you the option to send the pictures to the Computer where as the Motorola Engineers seemed to prefer you pulling the files over and didn’t provide a direct send option via bluetooth.


bluetooth on T43 – Thinkpads Forum

I am only able to send files from my T43 to my phone. I hope the class action suit teaches Verizon a nice, painful, bloody lesson. Return to the blog of johnhandson.

Register Sign In Help. It can be done. If it works, don’t fix it.

After all, the phone makers need to have a presence in the Bluetooth mobile device market. I really had no idea. Some phones won’t bluetooth to each other, some won’t act as a “Master” where you can control other Bluetooth devices.

Aaaaaanyway, glad we could help you get up and happily transmitting. Wed, March 19, Previous Next.

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