What I want to say is that we can assume a widespread use of SD card reading, and if automount doesn’t work, this would be a serious flaw if not fixed in feisty final. On inserting the card, syslog tells me: Although x61s with L is pretty old machine, but it is very classic one, recently I were trying to do some search on the L CPU overclock Message 5 of It’s looking like there’s a problem with SDHC by the data we’ve seen so far.

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And it doesn’t exist in hardware. These cards are all recognized in other computers and also in my SD-Camcorder.

Lenovo IBM Thinkpad X60s SD Card reader | NotebookReview

On Mon, 17 JulCarthik Sharma wrote: Hopefully one deader help me, I already tried to call the IBM support, they are trying to find a solution, too. I’ve ordered a couple of cheap microsd card readers on ebay, and while they are reaeer and recognized perfectly fine on the t60 using a 2gb microsd Ian Jackson ijackson wrote on Ro robert-markula wrote on Please fix this bug; as I said it worked before.


DavidE, can you please run test with a second known speed SD card, for example: This is very interesting.

catd Writers Write Dell retired X61 tablet, L, My card reader use to work under Dapper and Edgy, so yes, I think this is a bug since it occured after installing Feisty. Sergii Golovatiuk sgolovatiuk wrote on It’s a zip but niether winzip nor 7zip can open it properly.

Now I tried to put in some SD cards, but sc cards are not working. To post a comment you must log in. This is not a kernel bug, the drivers are loaded properly and the SD card can be mounted manually. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone SDSDB is a standard speed generic card. No registered users and 5 guests.

It seems like something I should have tried before but I’ve yet to have to use the SD card reader, so I don’t know if it has ever worked. No registered users and 5 guests.

USB Bidirectional printer dev 2 if 1 alt 0 proto 2 vid 0x03F0 pid 0x [ If flash storage is built into a hybrid hard drive ReadyDrive or into the system Intel’s ‘Robson’ Flash cache modulethen Vista could use the flash to speed up the boot process. Also, there are some compatibility issues I’m waiting to be resolved. I did make sure all drivers are up to date using both the windows function and the thinkvantage productivity center “find updates for my computer” program.


In any case, your results are in spec. Last edited by tinue on Fri Jun 08, 8: This website uses cookies.

Lenovo IBM Thinkpad X60s SD Card reader

Thanks for the correction. I am still geader issues with sd card with toshiba M log of dmeg [ Read and write speed with non-SDHC cards seems to be ok. MB mangoblues wrote on I’ve seen on other forums that people are using the built-in reader of the X60s successfully for ReadyBoost, so quite possibly it is an issue that is limited to my system.

Can someone set this to a higer priority?

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