Computer mice User interface techniques Wheels. Unfortunately, we do not offer global warranty on our products. It was usually located to the left of the caps lock key. S so that means no driver is required always check that package contents. Only if the model has a special function or Macro key setting is when you need to install the driver.

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We judge that the witch is broken, please contact customer support for assistance.

Computer mice User interface techniques Wheels. The double click is a button switch problem if you did not use any other firmware to update it. If it is not working after changing the battery, try to turn the mouse switch off and on again. The supported OS is always shown on the package. Webarchive template wayback links All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles with unsourced statements from May Since the introduction of tilting scroll-wheels, many FPS games use the left-right motion of the scroll wheel to cause the player to lean left and right.

The mouse cursor sometimes lags or stops for a few seconds, if I move it away from my WiFi it becomes normal. What is System Requirement for SmartGenius?

The scroll wheel was popularized by the Microsoft IntelliMouse in along with support for the mouse wheel in Microsoft Office Because of this some gaming mice, such as Logitech Gimplement a locking feature that lets the mouse switch between scrolling in steps needed for gaming and continuous scrolling good for web browsing. Fire short bursts of air at either side of the wheel, dispersing all visible dust and dirt. The implementation of scroll wheels on laptop computers has generally faded, while touchpads are often programmed with a pointing device gesture to substitute for them; such as allowing the edges to scroll the page rather than to move the pointerpartly making up for the lack of a scroll wheel; touchpads with multitouch capability usually achieve scroll capability by touching and dragging two fingers on the touchpad at the same time; many Linux distributions offer a moise method of scrolling using the touchpad, where the user will first activate scroll-mode by pressing in a corner of the pad, and then dragging in a circle around the center of the pad, letting go of the touchpad will switch back to the default omuse.


Please refer to below links xscoll and follow the setting steps. Sometimes the wireless mouse cursor jump randomly, it’s possible the AP router AP router and receiver use the same frequency or a battery low problem will cause the receiver frequency to be affected.

Flip the mouse back over. One receiver is mapped with one KB, so if the dongle receiver is lost, unfortunately, it is not replaceable.


Also clicking the link with a scroll wheel button makes the link open in a new tab, and clicking on the opened tab closes it. When you run your business from a single desktop computer, your equipment is bound to show signs of wear and tear following sustained use. Views Read Edit View history. If you cannot find the driver on our website that is higher than your OS, that means there is no driver compatible with your O.

In first-person shooter FPS games, the scroll wheel is usually set to change weapons. Hold your can of compressed air roughly four inches from the scroll wheel and surrounding assembly.


Run the tip of the swab around the circumference of the wheel, cleaning away oily buildup and dirt. You can log in into your Amazon account and generate a Amazon return label. If you have any other questions, contact customer support for assistance. When you have SmartGenius setting problem, how to sscroll it? Other scrolling controls on a mouse, and the use of a wheel for scrolling both precede the combination of wheel and mouse. It was usually located to the left of the caps lock xscfoll.

Genius Product Support – Xscroll

Please try to change a new battery first if needed. What can I do? Allow the wheel to dry completely. Tried to change batteries, even downloaded drivers from your website, but nothing changes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tried to put in a new battery, change the USB port on my laptop, but the issue is still the same.

If yes, there is no need to install a driver.

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